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“Necessity is the mother of invention” this proverb fits well on the ever-increasing trend of Pay-Per-Click strategy because digital marketing is no longer a matter of patience as everyone requires instant results and PPC delivers it.

The digital realm is flourishing and thriving at warp speed and the proliferation of websites is a befitting example of it. And to cope up with this cutthroat competition businesses are inclining towards advertising avenues that can maximize the conversion rate and Pay-Per-Click is one such approach.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one most popular forms of digital marketing that is known to offer immediate outcomes. It is currently one of the most established forms of digital marketing that allows you to buy traffic through a simple bidding system.

What are PPC Services?

Pay per click or PPC is a form of a paid advertising method in which advertisers need to pay for every click they get on their ads. To understand this better let’s say PPC enables you to buy instant visitors instead of earning them organically. It is an effective way to buy the top spot on search engines like Google.

To run a PPC marketing campaign, you need to bid to secure a place for your ad in the search engine’s sponsored links that appear on the SERPs when someone searches for the keywords that are related to your business/product/service. To exemplify, if you are bidding on the keyword “Antivirus”, it will appear on the top whenever a search for this keyword is made.

As per the Hanapin Marketing report states that approx. 79% of marketers find that paid marketing strategy has benefitted their business. Furthermore, more than 62% of industrialists have decided to invest more money in their paid-ad budget in near future to attract more potential customers.

Social Media Today reports that more than 7 million advertisers have invested $10.01 billion for pay-per-click ads in 2017. PPC has certainly become the most widely used marketing frameworks that offer the highest ROI.


Lesser number of Entry Barriers

Paid Search Marketing is not a one-step game as marketers need to comprehend every stage of ad-creation. No matter where you stand in the competition of organic SEO, Pay-Per-Click will help you defeat your competitors in paid promotion. You can begin your campaign right away and gain instant profit if you are connected with a reliable PPC management firm.

Better Brand Visibility

PPC marketing campaigns are an effective way to make your products and services noticed by placing our ads strategically on the places where most of your targeted users spend time. PPC advertising helps you catch maximum attention and spread awareness among the most potential customers who are likely to covert. But to make the best out of this, you need someone highly experienced to take care of your marketing campaigns, Battersea PPC experts are apt for this job.

Comprehensive Targeting

PPC marketing campaign should always be the approach of granular targeting because it is important to be mindful of online activities, search behavior, and preferred platforms of your ideal audience so that you can hit where it hurts. Also, PPC allows you to run a campaign at the time when your products are most likely to sell. Not only this, you can refine your customers based on gender, age group, location, and other related demographics.

Quick Turnovers

The major highlight of PPC advertising is “fast results”. Once you are campaign is launched, you become visible to your audience right away on different platforms and this enables you to acquire results overnight or soon. However honestly speaking, it takes around three months to establish proper brand awareness and the mentioned time is considered to be the testing period. But, the results and improvements can be seen from the very starting if you acquire valuable customer data that can help you comprehend their online behavior.

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Display Ads

Display Advertising covers more than 90% of online users. These ads appear on all Google’s partner websites running on search engines. This will appear on industry or brand-related websites. Display ass mainly consists of images and texts to attract the maximum number of website visitors and convince them to connect with your brand. We suggest displaying ads to those who have a long-term sales plan or lengthy sales cycle for the luxury audience.

Social Ads

Social Ads aka social media advertising is the most booming section of PPC marketing. These ads appear on all social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Search ads mainly target prospects based on devices, hobbies, interests, networks, and other behavioral factors. Such ads are apt for brands that have a consistent social media presence and specifically targeted

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are best for the high-converting audience and improved turnovers. These ads target the audience that has already visited your website and reappeared back to convince them to take an action. These ads are cheaper as the competitions are relatively low. These ads are designed with smart ad formats and extensions to provide fruitful results..

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads are great for websites that have a large catalog of products. These ads appear on Google search results’ carousel so that prospects can view products and prices whenever they open SERP. These ads offer high chances of conversion to eCommerce websites to target users who are already aware of the product range.

In-Streams Ads

Have you heard of YouTube ads? They are one fine example of in-stream ads that appear on YouTube searches, videos, and video partners on Display Network. YouTube ads usually narrate a story to promote your brand uniquely. Even Facebook has started in-streams advertisements in between the video content.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Gmail sponsored promotion is best to attain the direct response leads as the ads appear directly in the inbox of interested customers. The click-to-call ability of GSP enables users to take prompt actions and thus offer a higher conversion rate. Battersea PPC agency suggests GSP to businesses that need high-quality and convertible clicks.

Local Services Ads

These ads work on a pay-per-lead model. In simple words, you only need to pay for the leads that convert. These ads are only applicable to limited marketers such as HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths. Battersea suggests these ads to local services providers who aim to target local audiences based on geographical demographics.

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC advertising is the most thriving form of PPC ads as it enables Amazon sellers to promote their businesses, improve sales, and attract visitors to their stores by placing ads on the prime locations of the Amazon online platform. We at Battersea help local sellers ingeniously place the Amazon ads and generate more profit.


PPC requires expertise as it involves the hard-earned money of advertisers and we at Battersea have the most skilled, experienced, and talented team to run your PPC campaign on Google, Bing, and other popular search engines. From forming a campaign strategy to selecting the right keywords, Battersea’s PPC experts handle every PPC-related aspect and render effective results in terms of lead generation and growth in the number of visitors.


Paid Search

If you want your brand name to appear on the top of search results, join our PPC services right away. We at Battersea create ad targeting strategies, search for a high-volume keyword, and plan bid limits to render the utmost ROI. Not only this, we help you grow a better Quality score, CTR, and impression rate.

A/B Testing For

The effectiveness of ads cannot be determined without making a clear comparison of different campaigns. We make a large variety of page elements including layout, CTA, headline, and image, and compare each set to conclude the effectiveness of each version. The split-test approach renders high-quality results due to better optimization of paid search campaigns.

Conversion Rate

To bring your customer to the bottom of the sales funnel, the ads should be written precisely and landing pages should be designed effectively to boost the quality score and grow the audience. Battersea, develop PPC campaigns that are enriched with all factors to render more profit without escalating your ad spending.

Bing And Google
Ads Management

There are numerous search engines but Google is the most used search platform that is best to run your paid ads. Battersea PPC experts perform real-time audits to ensure that your ads are reaching the targeted audience. We design and optimize ads for Google to increase targeting and manage site extensions for better user engagement.

Social Media

Social media sites have become a primary source to perform product research and more than 54 percent of online users use social media in their daily research. Therefore, our PPC advertising services help you improve brand recognition, lessen the marketing costs and outrank your competitors .


Remarketing is a way to target a specific segment of visitors who have already shown interest in your brand. Our remarketing experts at Battersea, not only form the best-performing campaigns and generate remarketing ads, but they make sure that the ad reaches the users who have already shown their intent to purchase your product or service.


Battersea Digital Marketing firm offers the best PPC services that provide a higher success rate. With years of experience in PPC marketing and a team of extensively trained experts, we handle all sorts of PPC ads and guarantee the best results with our commitment and dedication. From PPC audit, account setup, ad-creation, bidding, to campaign monitoring, we handle every aspect related to PCC marketing to accelerate your online performance.

Here we are providing the reasons why Battersea PPC services are best in the market:


We make sure that your PPC campaigns are audited in a way that fulfills all your sales goals without compromising with the industry regulations. Our PPC audits focus on fixing all micro and major issues with your campaign to enhance its holistic performance. Also, we regenerate your marketing strategy to increase campaign effectiveness. Our PPC specialists start with evaluating key performance indicators (KPIs), remarketing techniques, account structure, and analytics.


We at Battersea update our clients with every online activity and progress of your campaigns. Every minute information is available through our custom campaign reports including Google Analytics results, complete campaign performance, and keyword rankings. Not only this, we provide access to the client dashboard to have a clear picture of the campaign recital.


The team of Battersea is a proud member of Google Premier Partner’s list. Our marketing team includes certified Google Ads PPC specialists that experienced and trained to meet your goals. By working with our result-oriented PPC experts you can witness extraordinary growth of your business.


We work hard to meet our client’s expectations. Every little concern of our clients is solved and answered with the most satisfying revert. We make regular data-based recommendations to our clients. We arrange regular meetings with clients so that our project managers can hear the demands and requests of our customers and implement them for better customer satisfaction.