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Search engine optimization aka SEO is not only a method, but an art and a science that we all need to survive and thrive in this digital realm of technical hardships. Search Engine Watch’s recent study concludes that “Organic search accounts for 51% of the traffic brands receive on average, and investment in Search engine optimization services is projected to rise to $79 billion annually by 2020.”

A Google Search Query can be simple research for web users but tough competition for brands; a competition to stay on the top because what sells is sold. Therefore, you win half of the battle when you succeed in finding a very reliable SEO company to get a great long-term effect conducted by a sound SEO strategy.

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Why Choose Battersea

Battersea is one of the most renowned search engine marketing agencies and SEO service providers that has been offering its services globally for years. We are a team of enthusiastic experts who are dedicatedly to working to make SEO easier for those who want to hold first place on SERPs. We provide tailor-made SEO solutions to all industrial domains and thus have a huge database of international clients. With our years of experience, & affordable digital marketing and SEO packages we have gained popularity amongst worldwide business owners. Also, through our experience, we have gained insights into the functioning of different search engines, thus we know what is required to help our client’s websites to reach the top. Battersea is a true partner and the best search engine optimization Company that you need to pull off your SEO endeavors and succeed in them. Apart from our supportive partnership, transparent approach, and result-oriented techniques, we have various other convincing reasons to choose us, such as: reasons to choose us, such as:

Global user-base

With more than 10000 clients across the world, we have acquired the trust that our clients don’t hesitate while referring to us.

Dedicated project manager

Having a single point of contact makes your life much easier and thus with us, all you need is to contact your project manager who will render regular updates regarding the growth of your project and handle your concerns and queries.

Quick Outcomes

Though SEO demands patience, we work with planning that will offer you rapid turnarounds. Also, we are highly particular about our deadlines so that we can meet your urgent needs with swift deliverables.

Personalized Technique

We create a completely personalized work strategy as per the need of our client so that we can match the tone of your project and deliver the desired outcomes in the least possible time frame.

Our Range Of SEO Services


On-page is the backbone of a website as it consists of audit accompanied by keyword and crucial parameters namely headings, Meta titles, Meta description, Page Speed, URL, Structure, Schema, and more. Our website optimization company keeps a close watch on all related parameters so that your website can perform relatively well across Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines. Our experts ensure the holistic on-page development of your website.

On Page SEO Optimization


Off-Page SEO is an important part of the overall SEO process that takes place on external platforms other than your website. It mainly consists of link building that demands comprehensive research and a fool-proof strategy. Therefore, we at Battersea, make sure that we deliver effective results in the short term without spending much of the client’s resources.

Keyword Research

The entire SEO process depends upon keywords research which is key to drive traffic towards your website. Keywords are the terms that users search for your product or service. To cover your targeted audience, having a thorough keyword analysis is crucial hence the experts at Battersea, build effective keyword planning after performing the in-depth research.


You can’t outrank your competitor without comprehending their technique and strategy. This is why you need an expert to undertake an analysis of your competitors to find out the ways they are using to faring traffic on their website. Battersea SEO Services will not only help you understand the competitors better but also assist you to beat them in the race and attain the top-most rank on SERP.


If you have an E-commerce store but you are not doing SEO for it, you are not likely to grab eyeballs. So, on having an online store and shop, make sure you hire an expert SEO service like Battersea because what sells is sold, and to sell your brand, you need to kill your competition with a strong SEO strategy.


To get an idea of what SEO practices work for you and what doesn’t, you need to have clear insights into the progress. But, this process is quite complex as it includes tracking codes, employing tag managers, and much more- with our services, you get a clear picture of growth through Google Analytics configuration that helps you track your website’s performance through real-time stats.

Benefits Of SEO Services

Needless to say, SEO Services will offer you more ROI than any other marketing technique. But there are various other potential benefits of website optimization services too. The below-given list will help you understand the need for SEO agency in this highly competitive digital era.

It Fetches
Organic Traffic

SEO revolves around keywords and a strategic approach. Thus it is quite an effective way to gain organic traffic without burning a hole in your pocket.


If you want your users to re-appear and re-visit your website, you need to focus on user experience and this is when SEO comes into the role. This whole process makes your website more user, browser, and mobile-friendly.

Marketing Tools

Advertising and marketing tools normally come at a high cost, but SEO tools are not overpriced but offer equally effective results.

Improved Website Credibility

Web pages rank on Google based on credibility and trustworthiness. And, SEO methods are the best way to increase the reliability of your website to make a name among your audience.

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SEO is a multifaceted term and consists Of multiple benefits such as im— proved user engagement for your brand, rank higher on a search engine and generate more leads, visitors, and customers. That's why one has to indulge in SEO practices if they want to drive results from the digital market- ing campaign. The size of your business has nothing to do with the constant need of including complete SEO services; undoubtedly, incorporating SEO practices would be a wise decision in the future from a business perspective. The major benefit Of the SEO professional services is that they will provide instant growth in ROI for per-lead marketing costs and better conversion rates.

We at Battersea Ltd. provide the best SEO services along with a steady strategy that is customized according to our client’s projects because one strategy can never fit all. Every project needs different handling and thus our experts offer highly personalized and affordable search engine optimization services that can help you achieve your business goals and targeted benefits.

We aim at Bull's eye for the project; whether it's visibility, lead generation, or conversion, we serve the results that meet the need of the project. From local SEO to Enterprise-level SEO services, combined with online reputation management, and e-commerce SEO ser- vices, we cover every related aspect of digital presence. Furthermore, we create, manage, and enhance your brand image on digital platforms to grab the utmost attention of the potential audience. Furthermore, our range of services consists of off-page SEO, guest posting, SEO consulting, content writing, web-designing and developing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Search Engine Optimization is a method that consists of multiple strategies that help your website to rank higher. Moreover, SEO is a crucial part of a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

SEO consists of various elements such as keyword research and optimization, content optimization, on-page, and off-page optimization, and link building. It mainly aimed to increase your search rate resulting in more lead conversion and improved sales.

It depends upon the project value, keyword difficulty, targeted audience and region, and various other factors. But one sure thing; it won’t cost you half of the other means of marketing..

No, SEO is a complete value for money as it requires very low investment but offers dramatic results that even costly marketing techniques can’t. Thus SEO is worth every penny you spend on it.

Yes, Absolutely! With the right SEO techniques, you can create your brand name among local and global audiences. So, if you want your website or business to be popular worldwide, SEO is what you need. Unlike other marketing tools and services, SEO is comparatively cheaper but offers better outcomes and quick deliverables.