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| Updated at February 19, 2024

Did you know? 

Artificial Bots oversee 47.4% of all internet traffic in 2022. Where human contact produced 52.6% of internet traffic. 

Do you also want to rank higher in the Google search engine using traffic bots?

Well, your competitors might be using it. 

Traffic bots are computer programs designed to run automated operations across the internet.  It can be launched to artificially generate social media or website traffic. It can also mimic human behavior, boosting engagement, and page views. Further increasing your ranking in the Google search engine. 

As the above statistics mentioned almost half of the internet traffic was generated by traffic bots in the year 2022. It is estimated that since then the number has increased to almost 70%. 

So, in this read, we will explore how traffic bots work, while reviewing the basics of good and bad bots and how they can help you elevate your digital presence. 

Let’s start! 

What are the Traffic Bots?

Before we delve into the traffic, let’s first understand the meaning of Bot

In simple terms, bots are software designed to autonomously conduct online tasks. It can be as mundane as completing the forms or even mining the web for specific data. 

Now, a traffic bot is a program designed to run automated operations across the internet, delivering natural-looking high-quality website traffic. 

Traffic bots on social media can drive up likes, comments, advance leads, or even followers that would be of a specific type of audience you would like to engage with your account. Further pushing your account in the algorithm. 

And on websites, by repeatedly visiting the websites traffic bots boost the engagements further pushing your website to rank higher in search engines. 

Bot/human traffic distribution

How do Traffic Bots work? 

Traffic bots perform highly repetitive tasks with greater speed and precision than humans. However, its works can be classified into two categories good or bad, where good bots help you generate leads or engagement. 

On the other hand, bad bots are designed for illicit, malicious, or illegal activities to perform large-scale attacks like brute-force attacks, credential stuffing attacks, and other kinds of cybercrime.

Bad bot vs good bot vs human traffic stats in 2022  

What are the Uses of Good Bots? 

Good bots improve a business’s relationship with its consumers and generate advanced leads. 

Here are some of the uses of good bots: 

  • It helps you monitor the competitors and analyze the website traffic.
  • Improves personalized customer experience. 
  • Search engine optimizing bots improves the results shown in search engines like Google and Bing. 
  • Marketing bots crawl websites for organic keyword and traffic profiles.
  • Social media bots protect users from spam or cybercrimes.
  • It can also detect fraudulent activities. Also, they can recognize and block bad bots. 

 What are the Uses of Bad Bots? 

According to a report, the financial service industries share the highest malicious bot attacks (12.7%) in 2022 

Bad bots can be dangerous for an organization if they don’t take any safety measures. Here are some of the uses of bad bots: 

  • Bad bots scrape the information from the website without their permission, which is further used to beat the competitors by illegally using their data. 
  • By viewing fake web pages bad bots cost advertising companies billions of dollars every year, it is known as click fraud. 
  • Bad bots are used to accumulate personal data such as bank and credit details, causing brute-force attacks
  • It can also cause DDoS attacks (Distributed denial of service), crashing a server by flooding it with requests to overload. It is usually done to interrupt regular services and gain access to the network. 

Did You Know? 

Reports suggest that 30% of internet traffic is generated by bad bots.


In closing, web traffic bots are essential for the operation of specific web services, such as search engines and digital assistants. It can help a business grow in many ways generating leads, and increasing followers on social media.

As the stats mentioned above almost half the internet traffic is generated by traffic bots. It is more than a useful component along the way. Thanks for reading! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Web traffic bots are non-human traffic on a website or app, solely to increase engagement or rank higher in search engines. 

Ans: No, traffic bots are not illegal. However, it can increase the cost, and consume resources while largely affecting the company’s natural understanding of legitimate traffic. 

Ans: Fake traffic is generated by bots, click farms, and software to artificially inflate the ad revenue of a site by making its audience appear larger than in reality.

Ans: Yes, google can detect known bot traffic by using a combination of Google research, International Spiders, and Bots List, maintained by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Ans: According to the cyber security firm Imperva, almost half (47.4%) of the internet traffic came from bots, a striking 5.1% increase over the previous year. Where human traffic was 52.6%, the lowest in the past 8 years.

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