Google’s March 2024 Core Update — Reshaping Digital Landscape With Quality Content

| Updated at March 7, 2024

With Google’s March 2024 Core Update, the search engine giant enforces new spam policies in conjunction with core algorithm advancements.

This aims to tackle manipulative SEO practices and slash low-quality content up to 40% that is unoriginal or unhelpful and shows up on SERPs.

Considerable Highlights 
  • The algorithmic enhancement at the core ranking system is designed to surface the most valuable information by cutting out the unhelpful information shown in the Search Results.
  • An updated spam policies tend to make low-quality content out of reach, such as expired sites or spam repositories built by obituary or new owners.
  • This aims to connect people with high-quality websites and useful information on the internet.

So, this move encourages SEO professionals and creators to focus on elevating overall content quality.

Let’s deep dive!


Google’s March 2024 Core Update: A Brief Overview

The March 2024 Core Update marks an evolutionary boost to fight spammers and enforce other emerging modes of operation to closely monitor search results game.

The updated policies focus on sophisticated scaled content creation methods. It dismantles manipulative SEO practices to ensure users can easily access valuable original content that sets new benchmarks for content quality.

| Google stated:

“We believe these updates will reduce the amount of low-quality content in Search and send more traffic to helpful and high-quality sites. Based on our evaluations, we expect that the combinations of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%.” |


Google Algorithm Updates 2024 to Redefine Google’s Ranking Mechanism

The substantial algorithmic enhancement updates are expertly crafted to get rid of low-quality, unoriginal content by 40%.

So, now the pages with unique, helpful, and first-hand information will get top priority.

Therefore, re-evaluate your content strategy if you are falling short of providing substantial insight or information.

It’s high time to focus on creating quality content that enhances the user experiences and stands alone in the digital space.


New Spam Policies to Dismiss Manipulative SEO Practices

The search engine giant has decided to address the practices that negatively impact the quality of Google’s search results.

The three new spam policies against those bad practices are:-

  1. Scaled Content Abuse
  2. Site Reputation Abuse
  3. Expired Domain Abuse
Note 🖊️It is essential to make sure that your site has not engaged in manual spam activities. In such circumstances, you need to reconsider the actions in response to the notice received through your registered Search Console.

Scaled Content Abuse 

This includes manipulating search engine rankings by creating too many pages that are not intended to help users. It is observed that such practices are primarily focused on generating large amounts of unoriginal data that gives very little or zero value to the users.


Site Reputation Abuse 

This scenario is formed when there is no involvement or oversight from the first party and the third-party pages are published to influence search ranking.

It might include sponsored, advertising, partner, or third-party pages that are independent of the host site’s main purpose or produced without close involvement of the host site.

You can refer to Google’s spam policy page to get better insights about the illustrations regarding what is or isn’t a site reputation abuse.


Expired Domain Abuse 

This happens when you purchase an expired domain name and repurpose it to manipulate the search engine rankings. It is found that such sites host information that is either of very low quality or gives zero value to the readers.

So, it is important to consider that the old domain name should be used for a new or original site that is primarily designed to serve the ultimate audience/users.


Efficiently Targeting Unhelpful Content 

The core update adds a layer to the search engine giant’s previous efforts of spam updates and helpful content along with the integration of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) factors.

It also helps to distinguish high-quality content by mitigating the prevalence of AI-generated content at SERPs. With refined algorithms, it encourages creators to prioritize depth, originality, and insight factors that AI-generated content lacks.


Tips to Efficiently Navigate With the Core Update 

The update highlights the evolving demands for an adaptable and quality-focused approach of SEO and content marketing.

Here are a few tips that you can implement:-

  1. Audit your content regularly to make sure it aligns with Google’s E-E-A-T and other parameters.
  2. Monitor your site’s performance by tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to track the performance of your site, identify areas of improvement, etc.
  3. Stay updated and implement the best SEO practices via Google’s guidelines and SEO community insights, and be aware of the ethical SEO practices and standards of quality content.
  4. Engage with your audience for high user engagement and positive user behavior.
  5. Avoid quick fixes like black-hat SEO tactics or shortcuts to exploit loopholes, and be patient after any policy modifications.

Embrace these recent advances in order to achieve online success, foster better, more informative internet for all the users across the web.


Holistic Approach to Reduce Unhelpful, Low-Quality, and Unoriginal Content

After this update, it is crucial to focus on meaningful, informative, and valuable information. For that, your content should be original, user-centric, and relevant.

Another key to follow is ethical SEO practices, that is, doing the right way rather than trying to trick or manipulate the systems.

This step adds to making the internet remain a diverse and rich source of information! 



Ans: The new policy is designed to focus on preventing content production from manipulating search engine ranking, irrespective of human or automation tools involvement.

Ans: It says that the use of automation, or generative AI for ranking manipulation is spam, but it focuses more on sophisticated content creation methods.

Ans: The core ranking system and Google Algo update are designed to work on the page level, by deploying a variety of signals and systems for a better understanding and indexing of individual pages.



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