Khushboo Chhibber
Khushboo Chhibber

Writer, Editor, Freelance Contributor


  • BA in English, University of Delhi
  • B.S from California State University


  • Technology, Mobile devices, Android Apps
  • Education
  • Email Services
  • Microsoft
  • Social Media


  • Has over 5 years of experience in technical, academic, business and creative writing
  • Taught spoken English in an Indian NGO for a year
  • Currently, works a writer and editor in Battersea Corporate

Words from Khushboo Chhibber:

“My goal is to create technical awareness, you can call me a technofreak. I love writing technical and other informational blogs and articles that can create a direct impact on the audience or may prove helpful to them in some way. Moreover, technology such as mobile, gadgets, android, Google, streaming media, and other online services inspires me for writing.

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