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Since 2012, Battersea Web Experts have been catering to various sectors with our top-notch web design services. Our team has served over 1000 happy clients in the past few years and established a prominent reputation among the esteemed clients.

Battersea’s web design team is equipped with advanced tools and some experienced industry experts. We offer low-cost programming services and an all-inclusive service package that aims to assist you in every aspect of website development. As a leading website designing company in Delhi India, our services are second to none, and we cover almost every aspect of the developmental process.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and leverage our exceptional web design services in Delhi!


Web Designing Process at Battersea

The web design process at Battersea involves six easy steps that assist us in building a superior website and providing valuable content to our clients.

Goal and Scope Determination

The first step is to determine our clients’ goals and their requirements on the website. Then, we define the scope of the project and decide what features and web pages the websites must contain to achieve the goal.


web design

Creating Sitemap and Wireframe

Then, we create a sitemap and decide what content will fit on which page and what page comes after the home page. We try our best to interrelate the scope and sitemap to come up with a master plan.

Content Creation

With the rough idea and sitemap in mind, we start creating content for individual web pages and their sub-pages. We also consider SEO when brainstorming to focus on a single topic rather than jumping from one topic to another.



Visual Elements

Most of the time, the visual content and graphics depend on the client’s requirements. However, we also have the freedom to build the visual elements from scratch and offer the best graphic designs possible. To give sites a human and professional touch, we use visual elements like style tiles, mood boards, and collages to present the available content in the best possible way to lure customers.


After getting a preview of the curated website, we run crucial tests to check whether the site is working according to the plan or not. It helps to scan for any broken links or any issues that might hinder the user experience.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


After we make sure everything is working smoothly and perfectly, we launch the website. For that, we schedule the launch timing and devise promotional strategies to let the customers know that our client’s brand is live!

Our Professional Services at Battersea Also Includes:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Logo Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • Educational Websites:
  • Video Creation
  • Customised Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing

Industries We Serve

By catering to the numerous industry domains in the past years, we have gained exceptional skill sets and expertise in dealing with various clients. Here is a list of the industries that we have catered to until now!

  • Health & Pharma
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Tour and Travel
  • Hospitality

These are some of the industries we have worked with! We are also open to exploring sectors apart from the ones mentioned above. So, feel free to contact us and take advantage of our wide range of services.

Why Pick Battersea’s Website Design Company in Delhi for Web Design?

Countless web design agencies in Delhi offer web design assistance, and this raises a question in the user’s mind: “Why choose Battersea over other companies?”

To answer that, here is a list of some viable reasons and statistics that will aid you in decision-making process:

  • We have specialized designers who work in collaboration to come up with some unique and outstanding ideas.
  • Our web development unit is up-to-date with all the trends and technology.
  • We have over 10 years of track record that makes us a trusted local company.
  • We offer our web design services at reasonable prices that don’t put much strain on the customers.
  • Our optimised design helps improve the search rankings of brands.
  • The skilled professionals at Battersea are highly aware of what works and what doesn’t, and thus, devise marketing strategies accordingly.
  • We implement SEO strategies in the early stages of the web development process to boost website traffic.
  • Tour and Travel

These attributes set us apart from the other web design agencies in Delhi, NCR.

Apart from the required skill set, our developing team also specializes in working under a timeline and works as fast as lightning to offer the desired output. So, contact our agency and tell us your requirements, and our team will get right at it!

Our Secret Recipe for Curating an Extraordinary Web Design

Our secret recipe for curating a superior web design involves working on only four ingredients, and those are:

Easy Navigation

Suppose you visited an online store, but you couldn’t find the desired products due to complex CTAs and designs. Would you visit this website again? Your answer would be no.

That’s why we use easily visible CTAs and add visual elements on our websites to make the user’s journey more comfortable. Plus, we try to add breadcrumbs so our target audience can easily navigate to the desired page. Doing so ensures customer satisfaction and eventually boosts turnarounds.


web design

Responsive Pages

Encountering a website that takes more loading time can be frustrating when you are in a hurry. Thus, we ensure our websites are highly responsive and require only a few seconds to load. Furthermore, we optimize our website’s content for mobile, so that our content easily fits on the screen regardless of the device visitors are using.

Premium-Quality Content

Content is said to be the backbone of every website! Thus, to strengthen that backbone, our developer team at Battersea highly prioritizes high-quality content and aims to deliver content that boosts the rankings in the SERPs. By quality content, we mean both the written and visual content that contributes to the quality of a website.



Integrating SEO Strategies

The last and most important step in building a website is to optimize the content using various marketing strategies. Mainly, we use search engine optimization, social media optimization, and effective web marketing practices to ensure the organic growth of a website.

FAQs About Our Web Designing Services

Website design is important for your business as it helps you establish a brand, increase credibility, improve the user experience, and distinguish your brand from competitors.

The website designing process at Battersea involves:
  • Goal and scope determination
  • Creating sitemap and wireframe
  • Content Creation
  • Visual Elements
  • Testing
  • Launching
The duration of building a website depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the project, required web pages, website type, and other key aspects.
The key elements to building an excellent website at the best website designing company in Delhi India are:
  • Easy Navigation
  • Responsive Pages
  • Premium-Quality Content
  • Integrating SEO Strategies
Our services are very reasonable and don’t put much pressure on your pocket. But, it’s hard to offer you an exact price because the service depends on the project’s complexity, designer, location, and other requirements.