20 Common Digital Marketing Myths That You Should Stop Believing

Common Digital Marketing Myths

Digital marketing is an online practice which deals in promoting services, products, etc, and to practice this, all we need is a working internet connection and a device (it can be anything like mobile, desktop, tablet, etc). Digital Marketing is said to be the component of online marketing and it keeps on improving from time to time. So, it is necessary to stick with the latest updates. In addition to this, it has become a first and foremost thing for any business to come up online.

Digital marketing has been declared as the most prominent aspect of any online business nowadays. But with the passage of time, some misconceptions have taken place in the minds of people, and in order to answer all these digital marketing myths, an attempt has been made in the forthcoming passages to provide answers with Digital marketing facts. So, stick with the reading and get Marketing myths debunked.

Digital Marketing Myths

Here onwards the list of popular digital marketing myths has been mentioned. So, let us start with the very first myth.

1. Digital Marketing is only for Big venture

It is one of the common Digital marketing myths among small and mid-sized firms and as a result, several such companies try to avoid this practice. Well, that is not true in any case. As all businesses irrespective of the fact whether they are startups or are big companies can use this marketing technique. Also, digital marketing is not confined to certain domains i.e, it can be used with any of the domains whether it is healthcare, IT services, education, etc. Additionally, it is also not required to have a huge budget so as to perform the digital marketing practices.

2. No need of prioritizing the Digital Marketing

This myth basically states that if you are running a business and it is flourishing day by day then there is no need of having this marketing technique on the priority list. It is a misconception that if you are working great on the ground level that does not mean you are working tremendously awesome on the online platform as well. Because in this 21st century, the number of customers has grown online and this number is huge. So, in order to compete with your competitor, it is necessary to opt for digital marketing.

3. Website is enough for online marketing

Most people think that it is sufficient to have a website, after all, it can provide every bit of detail about your business to the users. But here, it has a flaw, having a website does not guarantee you that it will come up in the very first place whenever a user will search for services like yours. So, there is a need to have a digital marketing service.

4. Adding content is enough

Adding content to a website is sufficient but it is true when you are adding highly researched content with the motive of fulfilling the user’s demand. If your content does not fulfill these criteria, there will be no use for it. Also, content with quality is favored the most rather than content with quantity. You are

5. If the competitor does not need it, I also don’t need it

This is not true. As, in this case, digital marketing will help to get one step ahead of your competitor in terms of reaching the target audience and this aspect is more required for any kind of business. If you think your competitor is not doing marketing then you have chosen a competitor with the same worth. You have to focus on the big fish in the marketing and try to overcome their tactics.

6. The audience is broad so can’t reach a specific audience

Yes, we all know the audience size is much bigger on the internet but it does not mean that you can not reach the targeted one. There are several filters available with Digital Marketing that resolve this common myth. Targeting is the reason why digital marketing is growing exponentially because you can target your audience depending on their Location, Age, Gender, Likes, etc.

7. Email marketing is not effective

There are so many users out on the internet who like to subscribe to the newsletter and also favor subscribing to the promotional emails so as to get intact with the offer being offered by the companies through emails. So, it will be wrong to say that emails are not effective anymore. Data shows email marketing has a high engagement ratio in compare to any other strategy if you are doing it right. Email in 2020 email marketing open rate was 22% and the clicking rate was 3%. That means if you follow the right CPC strategy then it will give you high results.

8. Personalization is Creepy

It is not creepy as personalization helps in filtering the target audience and with this filtration, it becomes easy to reach targeted users. Also, the users also like it when they are provided with the related content.

9. SEO is a one-time project

The reality is that SEO requires to be practiced at a regular interval of time as the search algorithm keeps on changing and also the strategies are required to be implemented in a new way from time to time.

10. Marketing Tools are sufficient

If you think you have bought the tools and now onwards, you will never have to use any tactic related to Digital marketing. Here, I would say you are wrong as no tool guarantees the overall implementation of marketing strategy, also the algorithm changes from time to time.

11. SEO is Dead

It is one of the popular digital marketing myths but I would like to assure you that it is not true. There are so many businesses, flourishing on the basis of SEO technique alone. SEO is an evergreen strategy that will not go anywhere. For example Google is the most popular search engine because it shows the results which we wanted. If Google will only focus on PPC then companies can manipulate searches by spending more on ads. In the end, Google loses its audience.

12. Social Media is alone sufficient

If you are sitting silently merely on the basis of Social Media, I would say you are on the wrong track as only social media can not help you to gain overall profit.

13. Negative comments are harmful on Social Media

Bad comments should be taken for educational purposes only as these comments offer to improve the product or services whichever you deal with. If you are not opting for Digital marketing merely because of this scenario, I would say you are on the wrong track.

14. Should redesign the page/site constantly

This is not true but yes, you should keep checking whether there is a need of redesigning the page/website or not. It’s not mean you should keep updating your website theme and URLs every day. It will only help you if you are changing your website structure if it’s needed.

15. Retargeting is tough

It is not tough if you know the best practices. Also, all it needs is to retarget those who are very well aware of your brand. For example, someone visits your website and clicks on a product, and leaves after that before buying it. That means the user is interested in buying that product but for some reason, they leave. So, you can retarget them and show them ads of that product on their social media platform which they frequently use.

16. Conversion is not possible on Mobile

Let us take a scenario, if you are trying to run the desktop ads or survey on the mobile, it will not be supported to the device and will result in losing your audience but it is not the Mobile at fault, it is the marketing strategy causing the problem. So, a good marketing strategy is required.

17. Bots and Live chats are not good to go

It has been reported that people love to chat through a messaging app more often rather than any other option. So, if your website does not support bots or live chat, you are probably lacking in acquiring interested users.

18. Social Media Post disturbs your audience

If you are continuously posting on the wall of social media without any reason, that may cause an issue to your brand but if every post holds something unique and engaging to your audience, that can bring up the response to your strategies. So, marketing strategies matter a lot.

19. Blog posts are a waste of time

Blog posts are not a waste of time if written with complete strategy and planning but if they are written for the sake of just writing only and this could be problematic.

20. Single-cycle of testing is sufficient

Testing should never be stopped and should be carried from time to time. Once you have done it, that does not mean it should be stopped. You should keep iterating the pages and keep checking the scope of more traffic So these were the top-rated digital marketing myths and have been debunked in a clear way.

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December 3, 2021