Push vs Pull Marketing Strategy – Which Strategy is More Effective?

Push vs Pull Marketing Strategy

Marketing involves a set of practices, using them an individual can easily promote the buying and selling of any goods and services. It basically involves the most famous 4 Ps i.e, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. These are the most required for the one who wants to market their product and services.

Product– It refers to an item a company is about to offer to the customers. Before trying to create a strategy for a product, several key points should be taken into consideration like how the item will stand out among so many competitors, what are substitutes available, etc  

Price– While declaring the price for an item, certain criteria should be taken care of, like, marketing costs, distribution cost, competitor’s price for the same item, and many more.

Place– It should be chosen accurately in accordance with the target audience’s place and for the sake of broadening the audience an individual can go with the digital world.

Promotion– It depends on the product lifecycle stage and according to it, the tactics of promotion should be chosen. It includes techniques like advertising, public relations techniques, etc.

When it comes to choosing the most suitable marketing techniques, it becomes harsh, as there is a bundle of marketing techniques available and the one who is new to it will not find any way in a single sight. So, in order to cope up with this situation, here sections of marketing are being provided, using them anybody can easily decide what technique he/she should go with. 

So, basically, marketing techniques are divided into two sections one is the Push technique and another one is Pull. Let us start with them one by one.

What is a Push marketing strategy?

It is a kind of direct marketing and involves displaying ads to the consumers so as to convert them into potential buyers. It involves an investment of money for acquiring the true audience. Apart from displaying ads, this strategy also goes with displaying the offers like if you are a startup and want more consumers to use your product or service, you may try offering the same at a discounted price.

What is a Pull marketing strategy?

It is best when you want to draw consumers to your brand, product, or services. It helps in attaining loyal customers and in order to achieve this strategy, you may try some techniques like SEO, Blog writing, etc. If you want to create brand value in the market, the pull marketing strategy can be proven as a boon.

Importance of push and pull strategy

A push marketing strategy is useful when you are a completely new brand and have no reputation in the market or can say, you are working on a new niche. Apart from this, if you are undergoing the climax of the season and willing to sell out the products as soon as possible, in this case, this marketing strategy will be proven as a great helping hand for you.

Pull marketing strategy is essential to be carried out if you want business growth in the long term or are willing to achieve dominance in a specific niche or can say that you want to enhance the brand value. In addition to these, this kind of marketing strategy can become vital when you have a low budget and can not or do not want to afford the advertising campaigns.

Push vs pull marketing – Which is more effective?

Push marketing strategy is a kind of outbound marketing and focuses on generating leads for any business. This way, a business can have quicker sales resulting in greater revenue. This strategy is good to go if you are ready to invest in ads or have a preset mindset of investing the money.

Pull marketing strategy holds importance when you want to work on the brand value of your business as it helps in acquiring more loyal users by accompanying the most popular techniques like SEO, blogs, etc. Also, It is said to be the inbound marketing strategy. It has existing as well as new customers on the target.

Difference between Push and pull marketing examples

There are several examples relating to both marketing strategies and these have been covered sequentially in the forthcoming passage.

Push Marketing examples

  • Displaying Ads – This strategy is not confined to a single platform as approximately every digital platform offers to display ads under their paid section on the website like Instagram, Google Search Result Pages, etc. You can use this to enhance the traffic to your business.
  • Billboards- It is basically helpful in the physical world and has no use in the digital world. It is placed on such a location where the crowd is available the most like markets, malls, etc and the intention behind this tactic is to spread the business’s awareness among so many people in a single shot.

Pull Marketing examples

  • Social Media Marketing – Apart from ads, this platform can also be used under the Pull marketing arena, as it offers to share the varying content with the help of which an individual can widespread the brand value among the customers.
  • SEO – Also known as Search Engine Optimization, it is a technique under which the content is made available to the users whenever someone searches on the search engine with the relevant keywords. This way, you can showcase your business-related content to the users very easily.
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December 8, 2021