How to optimize the “Near Me” Feature of Local SEO?

optimize the “Near Me” Feature of Local SEO

If you are a shop owner or have any physical local business and want to widespread the business locally, in this case, Local SEO will be proven as a boon for you as it is what a Local SEO is made for. Local SEO is a part of Digital Marketing and focuses mainly on the local business. If you are not using it, you are definitely going to lose a potential audience for your business. If you have a question similar to How to show up in “near me” searches, the answer to this has been given in forthcoming passages. So, stay tuned with the reading.

“Near Me” Searches Are Trending

With the passage of time one keyword titled “Near Me” has evolved and there is a majority of the audience who use this keyword to find out the services or stores available nearby. Local SEO has grown by accompanying this keyword and allows any business to flourish locally by leaps and bounds. 

It has been seen in the COVID pandemic that certain people, who were inclined to offline shopping, continued to shop offline, and also some social media giants have come forward to make shopping easier by inventing “near me” functionality on their software for local vendors to sell their products and services.

Also, in the COVID pandemic, people used to use the “near me” feature to ensure that the shop is opened or not, or whether the product is available at the shop before leaving the home.

Top categories searched via “near me”

Although, the searches made through the “near me” feature are huge, and if it is required to conclude the most searched category, it will be food, banking, and entertainment. 

Stats say that the food was in the top search category as it is the most fundamental requirement of an individual irrespective of any situation.

If your business belongs to any of the categories mentioned above, it is sure that your business has a lot of potentials, and in order to capture a related audience, it is advised to enrol in Local SEO’s “near me” feature as soon as possible.

Strategies required to rank for “Near Me”

If you are a local vendor and willing to enhance the business audience, near me optimization is the thing you should care about the most, and strategies to carry out the same have been depicted below.


Create an Account in Google My Business

In order to get enrolled for the “Near Me” feature it is a must to have every related detail entered in a GMB (Google My Business) account like name, phone number, address, opening hours, business category, etc. A correct address is required the most to have a confirmation code delivered to you.

Whenever a search is made for a nearby store or service, the results are shown on the google map and the listings shown on it are curated from the GMB(Google My Business). So it is vital to have registered on GMB.


Use Schema Markup

It is one of the most essential strategies if you are willing to have your business reachable to the target audience. It involves giving the right information about the business to the search engine like Google, DuckDuckGo, etc, later of which the business will be presented to the audience in the form of rich snippets through various sources.

Create Backlinks

It holds importance when it comes to local SEO. If you are willing to acquire the target audience, it is necessary to have relevant or high authority backlinks with the right geographical region as with this you will easily get populated in the targeted region and later will lead to acquiring the related audience.

Mobile-Friendly Website

With the passage of time, the essence of having a good mobile-friendly website has increased a lot as the searches made through mobile have raised the bar. There are several reasons for enhanced mobile users like its portability, they are compact, can shop anything via the internet, etc.

Create Blog

For a local SEO, the blog is an essential asset as it allows an individual to influence the local audience. While writing a blog for your product or service, you may mention why is it important to use your stuff, the benefits of the same, and things which make you stand apart from the competitors, etc. Also, blogging helps in making brand value which ultimately influences the business in a positive aspect.


Collect Reviews

People do not trust any product or service just like that, for this, they search for information either available on the internet or from a known person. If in case any product has bad reviews that should not hinder its quality as bad reviews indicate the scope of improvement and this is required after a certain period with the change of demand in the market.

So these were the strategies required to target “near me” keywords for a local business. If you are a local vendor and willing to reach the target audience you should follow the above-mentioned strategies diligently.

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December 15, 2021

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