Reasons Why Your Google Ads are Getting Disapproved?

Reason why your Google Ads are getting disapproved

There are several techniques to perform Digital Marketing, Google Ads is one of them. It is developed by Google where advertisers bid in order to display ads to the targeted audience and these ads could be related to services being offered, product listings, and much more. These ads can be placed in the search results of a search engine or on web pages. In addition to these, you can manage the budget in accordance with your requirement, as Google ads give liberty to manage every penny of advertisement.

What is Google Ads Disapproval?

Google ads disapproval refers that whenever any Google ad goes beyond or violates any of the policies of Google Ads then that ad is said to be disapproved and will be red marked by Google. So, in order to have ads published perfectly, it is required that ads follow all guidelines accurately.

How to set up Google Ads?

There are a few important ways, following which you can easily set up Google Ads in a correct manner. I have concluded the ways in some important steps, find them below.

#1 Organization

Start organizing your product or services into categories and break them into small specific chunks of groups, where the category will be a parent and will be further divided into smaller chunks e.g., let us suppose you have a business of computer hardware then your parent directory will be “computer hardware” whereas the keyboard repair and monitor repair will be the subpart of it. This example can be depicted as:

Parent – computer Hardware
Subpart –
Keyboard repair
Monitor Repair

After categorizing the services or products in accordance with as told above, let’s move to the next point.

#2 Budget

Now is the time to set up the budget for Google ads. It can be done in two ways one is the daily budget and another is bid. Here, daily budget refers to the amount you are willing to spend on each campaign per day whereas bids refer to the amount invested on every keyword (i.e, if someone searches for the keyword and then clicks on the ads).

The budget should be allocated to the campaigns in a wise manner, like a most important campaign should be given more weightage whereas the least important should be given lesser importance. This way you will have the budget allocated in a correct manner.

#3 Keywords

It is one of the most important terms in the whole Google Ads program, as whenever anyone searches for any service or product online, he/she uses keywords while searching on search engines. So, your keyword should be relevant to the service or product whichever you are offering to the audience. Also, you may take the help of keyword planner which is a tool of google for reaching relevant keywords.

#4 Landing Page

It is a place where the users acquired by your ad will land. So, it is most important to use the correct landing page. When I say the correct landing page, I mean to state that your landing page should lead the users to your services or products very precisely instead of merely sending them on the homepage. Doing this will lead your traffic to a greater extent.

#5 Decide Targeted Device

It is essential to have knowledge of the user’s viewport (eg, mobile, desktop, etc), so that while making an ad it could be decided on which devices targeted users stay the most. By analyzing this scenario it will be much easier to target the correct audience.

#6 Write the Ad

It is time to write an ad in a way to grasp the attention of the target user, also it should have some kind of call to action format so that whenever someone goes through it, click on it and land on the defined landing page.

Google Ads Disapproval Reasons

While writing the ads, you may encounter disapproval many times, so here is the list of certain disapprovals with solutions, using which you may improve your Ad’s credibility.

#1 Destination Disapproval

If the Google ad is disapproved because of this reason then a precaution should be taken while allocating the landing page, as the allocated landing page should be the same in a group, if it has multiple ads. Putting distinct destination addresses can lead to this problem.

#2 Repetition

In this kind of disapproval, Google ads are stuffed with the same keyword multiple times, so it can be said that keyword stuffing is the main cause of this disapproval.

In order to get rid of this kind of disapproval, you should try minimizing the keyword stuffing and should avoid the over usage of the same keyword again and again. Also, Google ads should possess the usage of relevant keywords so as to target the defined audience in a correct manner.

#3 Capitalization

If you are using capitalization with every word of the text mentioned in Google ads then this will result in disapproval of ads as according to Google policies it is not a correct way of writing the same.

If you want to get rid of this kind of disapproval, try diminishing the over usage of capitalization with every word present in the Google ad.

#4 Trademarks

Having trademarks in Google Ads is not a good practice as it may create disapproval of your ad. So try avoiding the usage of trademarks while writing the Google ads. If you have permission to the usage of trademarks or you are an authorized reseller, then also this does not comply with Google’s policy. So there is no way of tackling the trademarks.

So these were the details about Google ads disapproval. If you are willing to know the ways of setting up Google Ads then this has also been mentioned in the article. So go through the article to get your quest answered.

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November 16, 2021