Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of the channel that belongs to direct marketing and is inclined more towards promoting the brand and services leading to generating good revenue for a business. It helps make the users aware of offers and the latest products which result in acquiring new users and generating good revenue at the end of the day. It acts as the main pivot when it comes to brand awareness, engaging more users, generating more leads, and much more. It is a part of digital marketing tactics and involves a full-fledged approach to achieve the target. For an email marketing company, it is a must to follow the well-beaten path for gaining good results at the end of the day.

Importance of Email Marketing

When the question arises, why is it important to go with Email Marketing? Here is a simple answer to it, as there are more numbers of users interested in opening emails rather than going for their social media page and the only reason for it is the promotional email that constitutes offers and deals. These promotions are intended for worthy users who are following the email list of a specific brand and are called trusted users.
The reasons why email marketing is important for your brand are depicted below and we at Battersea Web Expert keep these in mind while delivering the email marketing services.


To have loyal users is essential for any brand and to achieve it you will have to be in direct communication with the users, this can be achieved using email marketing. Email marketing is far less expensive when compared with paid ads, social media marketing, and much more marketing equipment. Targeted email campaigns not only help in saving money but also help the brand to stay intact with the users.

Business Reach

Today’s era belongs to the digital world and there are many users who love to access the product and services on the internet rather than in the physical world. So, it can be concluded that users prefer the digital world more as compared to the physical world. The same is the case with businesses, if you want to grow with your business, you will have to be present in the digital world and for the sake of it, there is the term digital marketing of which email marketing is a part. So, eventually, email marketing will certainly help you to grow in the near future.

Save Big on Time & Efforts

Traditional marketing campaigns cost you money and time whereas digital campaigns do not require you to put your precious time and money into the process. If you are opting for digital marketing or email marketing, you are on the right track as using it you may target the dedicated users and leave behind the non-authentic users, which eventually saves your money and establishes a rigid relationship with your existing users. Also, email marketing helps in acquiring a new audience and hence increases the user base for your brand without having to do any labor as compared to the physical world.

Testing Before Sending

Email marketing campaigns allow you to recheck the strategy before its launch. This feature is of great use when you are trying to know the actual impact of the email marketing strategy on your audience. Here you can check every component of the campaign like subject line, timing, targeted users, and many more. Surely, once you have checked all these settings, there will be very fewer chances of mistakes which is good for a brand.


Once you have created the email campaign and revised its strategy, the next step belongs to the assessment of all these and that can be achieved using Analytics. As it provides a complete insight of the campaign created. Using these insights, it becomes quite easy to decide what should be the next step in order to rectify the email campaign. Details that are available under the analytics are open rates, click rates, click-through rates, and much more.

Our Email Marketing Approach

We follow the best approach available in the market and ensure every user of ours has the email marketing done in an expert way.

If you are looking to create an email marketing campaign, there are certain steps that are required the most before initiating the campaign. All these steps are described below.


This is one of the most recommended steps, under this, the process of requirement gathering is carried out, on the basis of which further steps are calculated as to what to include or what to exclude. It is first and foremost among all the steps.


Once you are done with information gathering, the next step includes the creation of the contact list and deciding which contact to opt for and which should not be. After the creation of the list, you may give it the title, so that you could remember the recently created list.


Now is the time for choosing or creating a suitable email template among so many templates available. Once chosen, you can move to the next step.


After the creation of the template, you may move to the testing mode and check whether the entered or chosen details are up to the mark or need any modification. This phase is quite important as with the help of this you can easily get rid of the problems associated with the campaign.


After having done the above steps, you may schedule the email campaign or put it in automation whatever you think is good for you.


Once the email campaign is sent, now is the time to check the total conversion made and decide how much is beneficial for you? If the conversion is lacking, you may go for analysis as the next step.


In this step, you can have a long detailed list of insights, using which you can easily reach a conclusion, why are campaigns down performing? The details can be seen like click rate, click-through rate, campaign reach, and many more. So, these were the approaches, following which an email campaign can be created and scheduled with utmost accuracy.

Our Email Marketing Services Includes

When it comes to the types of email marketing services, we offer a plethora of services and keep the needs of our clients checked wherever required. There are varied campaigns available under email marketing services. Some of them have been described below.

Apart from these campaigns, there are several other email campaigns that are designed specifically with the needs of the customer and an email advertising company should come up with solutions to every need of users. Same we do at Battersea Web Expert, you can count on us and surely we will never let you fail in your endeavor.