Search Google or Type a URL in 2024- Confusion Resolved

| Updated at April 4, 2024

Search Google or Type a URL

Did you know Omnibox (Google’s address bar) is every marketer’s favorite tool? But why? Well, it allows us to Search or enter a website name whenever we want to get any information or need to raise any query. 

Google is an intelligent assistant for multiple, in fact, all purposes. It has made it easy to find answers to every question. Suppose you want to start a digital shoe store and need inspirational themes for your shoe store

Just search Google or type a URL>> Press “Enter.” 

All the relatable results will be displayed in front of your eyes. 

However, you must have come across this question of how to look up something specific on Google. Whether it is to enter a phrase to Search or type web address.

In this article, we will uncover those interesting pieces of stuff. 

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How Do Search Engines Work?

Surely everyone uses search engines, but no one really knows how they work. A search engine works by crawling the internet and going through all the pages on it.

The most important tool of a search engine is its crawlers or bots. These crawlers keep going from one page to another and take all that information in. 

The information is then stored in an index that makes the info accessible to the users of the engine. Every search result you get is retrieved from the index of the search engine. 

Who knew companies like Google and Microsoft were doing this for us. Now that you have a better understanding on how do search engines work, you should know what an Omnibox is. 

What Does the Omnibox Mean?

Google Omnibox

It does look like a conventional search box of your browser. We all must have encountered this phrase thousands of times when we approach Google, “Search Google or type a url.” You might not have pondered it earlier but if you had, you may have come to know that it is the dude behind the scenes who enhances your search experience skills. 

Well, the Omnibox is nothing new; it’s just an optimized version of the address box or search box now called “Omnibox.” Furthermore, it is intelligent enough to do the maths, do translations or conversions, seek directions, and much more. 

How is Omnibox Different from the Search Bar?

In this technologically advanced world, people are constantly putting efforts to revolutionize technology. To make the searches easier developers are trying to combine the search bar and address bar of the browsers. 

The first browser to complete this was Google Chrome. 

If you have always been confused about how the Google search bar is different from the Omnibox, then take a look at these points. 

  • Location: It is located at the top of the Google Chrome Browser. 
  • It is a combination of a search and address bar. 
  • It records your search history according to the data worldwide available. 
  • It does suggest you the queries and displays your visited URLs in the past. 

What Does Search Google or Type a URL Mean?

Google deploys a plethora of algorithms to specifically find out what you are looking for. For this, the web uses two primary ways, which are interrelated, to locate the information available on the site. To hop into those results, there are two methods:

“Searching Google,” means typing out the phrase to make a query at the search bar. On the other hand, “Type a URL,” means to type the web address of the destination site. 

Search for a Query 

search img

It is a very convenient method, especially during times when users don’t have a URL. Writing your phrase on the browser can solve your problem. Follow these instructions to search for a query in the search box. 

  • Hop into your Omnibox.
  • Get a new tab. 
  • Click on the search box in the middle of your screen and type your query. 
  • Hit the “Enter” key. 

You will be showered with a plethora of results you can tap on any of them and engage with the results displayed on your screen. 

Type for a URL

Type a URL

If you somehow managed to get the URL of a specific site to which you want to engage with. Implement these instructions: 

  • Go to Google Omnibox from your browser. 
  • Open a new tab from there. 
  • Tap on the Search box and Paste the link. 
  • Now, hit the “Enter” key. 

This will land you on the particular website with which you want to interact with. 

Advanced Search Methods for Searching on Google

The methods mentioned above aren’t the only two ways to search on Google. You should take some time and explore how the search engine works, there are even 25+ hidden Google easter eggs that you see from just a search. 

Clearly there is a lot more to Google than what seems, read below to see some advanced methods for searching on Google.  

Autocomplete Suggestions 

Autocomplete Suggestions

These suggestions are visible to you every time when you make a query. These automated suggestions are based on:

  1. Your recent queries. 
  2. Your frequently searched queries. 

Voice Search 

Voice search

It is also not an alienated concept today. The mic icon beside the “Search Google or type URL.” Once you tap on the mic and give it the permissions required it asks for, you can make a query by speaking to it. Your Google will work to serve you the best and it is supported on any sort of device, either laptops, Mobile, Tablets, etc. 

Pros and Cons of Google Search or Type a URL

Here are the pros and cons you must know to conclude next time when you have to look for anything on Google:

Google Search 

Pros Cons 
  • Allows accessing information from multiple sources quickly and easily. 
  • May fail to provide accurate results. 
  • Results based on your query get displayed. 
  • Have the option to filter either by date, by type, etc. 
  • Results may be biased sometimes.
  • Might feel overloaded with information
  • Can retrieve information from less-known or multiple websites.


Type a URL 

Pros Cons 
  • Gives you direct access to a specific website.
  • Websites may have limited information. 
  • Helpful to bypass the unwanted search result and hit the one you want. 
  • Unable to access information from other sources.
  • Can fail to find the information you are seeking. 

Which is Better? Search Google or Type URL 

Search or type URL

If you look at them closely, you will find that both are excellent in their ways. Both are used for making searches online. But you need to re-think what you want to search for and decide accordingly. 

Suppose you want to know “how to design a Youtube thumbnail?”. You can directly type it. Whereas, if you want to know whether a particular digital store has a specific category or not, you can directly land on that website by entering the link. 

However, in some cases, you can type the web address, like, “” or copy and paste the link, both will direct you to the same website.

Key Takeaways 

Do you know over 5.9 million searches occur on Google every minute? And it has 85.53% of the market share, according to the latest insights from Statista. 

Besides this, the Google search engine with customized search allows its users to set up a search browser for themselves. Users are allowed to use moderation to optimize their search experience. The best part about it is that it helps eliminate the unfiltered results from the feed thereby saving time. 

Moreover, whether you choose to search Google or enter an address, the results should meet your expectations, even if you are looking up for something, or your customers want to look up for you. No matter how you reach the destination, the thing that matters is, whether the efforts to navigate meet the ultimate expectations or not.

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Hope the next time you won’t be in a dilemma to Google search or type a URL! 


Ans:It looks like a web browser address bar but it can quickly be used as a search engine. It can not only perform mathematical operations but can also resolve your general queries.

Ans:It is a helpful tool that tells the user about Google’s indexed version of a specific page. It assists in detecting whether the URL can be indexed or not. For example- Video, linked AMP, structured data, indexing or indexability, etc.

Ans: Well, it depends on you. If you want to get exact results that perfectly match the phrase or the word you have entered, then enclose your query within the quotation marks. So if you are searching for movies, articles, songs, etc. this technique is very helpful. Besides this, if you are trying to have scanned results from a specific site, type a URL, and there you go.

Ans:A free analysis and research tool, which can help you at getting more information about a word or a phrase. Additionally, these discrete datasets don’t overlap at all.


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