Best Email Marketing Automation Tools for Mac

| Updated at June 18, 2024

Most businesses in the world use email marketing as their main vehicle for driving sales. Its advantage is that you can customize its strategy for specific audiences. Emails allow automation, feedback, and increased sales. 

Email marketing automation tools help you send targeted and automated messages. They ensure your campaigns reach the right people and save time. Mac users can boost their email campaign returns when they pick the right automation tool. Here are the best tool options for the MacBook.

email marketing software on Mac

The role of email marketing software on Mac

Email marketing workflows consist of many components. Teams plan, share tasks, and create content. This content is distributed on multiple platforms. It may include welcome emails, engagement messages, lead generation, and onboarding emails. These messages, including abandoned carts and product recommendations, are hard to manage. 

The email tools provide different user experiences. It’s possible to try them out to identify the one that best fits you. The applications might run slowly if you install a large number of them. Their speed might become poor or start freezing after some time. You can benefit from the information in the guide on this link if you experience such issues. You will find several useful methods to add speed to your Mac.  

Online marketing software eases the burden off the marketer’s shoulders. It takes away the manual and repetitive tasks from them. These tools automate the tasks and personalize the messages. They organize the CRM and segment contacts, niches, and demographics. 

The apps track leads throughout the pipeline and send relevant messages in each phase. Using them eliminates mistakes and boosts email efficiency. Mac users should use tools that provide them with advanced and unique features. These tools should make e-marketing effortless and productive. 

1. GetResponse

GetResponse lets marketers manage and send emails to their audiences. It has an array of features that make this happen. This tool increases productivity by automating workflows. It helps create tailor-made content to increase engagement. The platform’s learning curve is stiff for beginners. It doesn’t take too much to learn it though. This subscription-based platform provides the following features. 

  • Market segmentation. The tool groups recipients based on age, purchasing power, industry, and more. It helps send customized emails for each segment. 
  • Email builder app. The email-building app on this platform makes creating emails easily. It contains templates and a drag-and-drop feature to help create messages in seconds. 
  • Analytics capability. This app generates data and analytics after each campaign. It lets you view the campaign’s successes and failures. 
  • Automation tool. The platform automates most of your tasks and workflows. It launches campaigns, replies to queries, and does follow-ups. 

2. Constant Contact

Success in marketing relies on hard work, good planning, and investment in time. The old digital marketing myths that online marketing is cheap and easy no longer apply today. Tools make marketer’s work easy but they have to invest extra effort. Their efforts are what give good outcomes when combined with valuable tools. 

Constant Contact best fits micro-enterprises and startups. It provides every tool you need for marketing success. The software has hundreds of customizable templates for creating emails. It’s possible to use different templates for each market segment or industry. Each template contains a predesigned message with a unique style and tone. 

It lets you manage contacts and segment them with tags. The platform contains basic automation tools for campaigns. It keeps track of the messages you send and generates reports in real-time. This platform is beginner-friendly due to its ease of use. It has a simple learning curve and an affordable cost.  

3. Omnisend

Omnisend was developed for e-commerce enterprises. It is a highly scalable platform with a large pool of automation capabilities. These capabilities help you maximize your sales pipeline. The platform is friendly because it integrates easily with most e-commerce websites. 

For instance, you can integrate it with Shopify and BigCommerce. This software supports multiple channel campaigns like push notifications, SMS, and emails. It provides highly advanced automation capabilities to marketers.  Marketers can take advantage of them to launch high-return campaigns. 

It can send reminders to complete checkout, confirm orders, and recommend products. Its A/B testing tool tests multiple emails to determine the one that will work best. Non-e-commerce enterprises might not find this platforxm friendly. 

4. Marketo

Marketo is an advanced email advertising automation platform. The software was developed by Adobe. It helps marketers record higher success rates. It is popular among large enterprises that require scalable solutions. Marketers use this platform to create detailed content development and campaign workflows. 

It uses AI to trigger posting and response actions based on customer behavior. Marketo is built for lead generation, scoring, and management. It tracks the performance of multiple campaigns and provides reports for insights. Marketers can use the tool to view the latest marketing trends

It lets them view conversion, open, and clickthrough rates. The platform integrates with a wide range of platforms, like Salesforce. Beginners may get challenges using this software due to its detailed and complex features. 

5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is for companies that market across multiple channels. It provides every feature a marketer might be looking for in automation software. The software is a one-stop automation solution for email workflows. It automates email, mobile, and social media marketing. 

One of the key features of this app is journey builder. Its purpose is to create detailed information about customer journeys. It tracks the movement from the time a customer begins to search. The tracking continues to the time they buy. These journeys help brands create the most appropriate messages for each phase. 

This tool integrates well with the Salesforce environment. This ensures all data is stored in a centralized place. Its advanced AI analytics features help generate detailed reports. It lets marketers view their bottlenecks and successes. 


Email marketing software provides multiple features for Mac users. They provide automation, analytics, and integration features. Mac users should choose the tools based on the list of features and prices. The developers should be available to offer support when needed. Using these tools boosts your email workflows, returns, and experience.

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